Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Since 2011, we have sent more than 60 kids to camp, many through a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City. Most of these children had never been to camp before and they really benefitted from the experience. We also hold an end of summer bowling event to meet the kids and get their feedback, which has been great!



“I’m really glad I went to camp. We played games and went to the pool. My favorite part of my time there was swimming in the pool every day. Something new that I tried was a game called Color Wars where all the kids go against each other in a competition in different color shoes and clothes. I am glad that I went to camp, because it was fun, and it was my first time. I would like to go to camp again. I would like to say thank you to the people that helped me go to camp this summer.”

- Jah-Mere

“I’ll always remember the people I met at camp and the skills I learned.”

- Andre, age 15

“My favorite part of summer camp was improving my basketball skills. It was a lot of fun. Thank yoooooou!!!”

- Matthew, age 12

“In basketball camp, I learned patience and not to give up. If I lost against a certain player, I learned how they played so I could beat them next time. Camp was a very good experience that I’ll remember later in life.”

- Dupri, age 11

“I liked getting to play a lot of basketball and making new friends. Kids should go to camp so they’ll have something positive to do in the summer. Thank you very much!”

- Tyce, age 13

“I got to meet people and learn more about basketball. I had a lot of fun. Thank yooou!”

- D’Shaun age 12